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There’s a debate raging. Who does Pape look like?

Person A

Person B

Person C

Person D

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19 Responses

  1. B….but some of each.


  2. I think a cross between A and B, but my first thought when I saw A is that A looks just like your niece, Jazmine.


  3. B and C – (is B you or your brother?). of course, it is hard to tell because A-D all have at least a little bit of HAIR! ;)


  4. wow, these all look a lot like alec! but i’d have to say B. -paige


  5. D!


  6. That’s funny! I would have said he looks least like B. :)


  7. I say B!


  8. Je dirais B sans hésiter !!


  9. Before i saw the answers, I said “A”! That smile is just like Alec’s.


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