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Recuplast: recycling plastic in Dakar

I’ve been meaning to check out Recuplast, this amazing company that collects plastic in Dakar (amazingly, they manage to find some – ha!) and repurposes it into affordable household items. It’s a brilliant concept, and much needed in our wonderful city.

This morning I visited their offices on the VDN and got the full scoop from the very lovely Mademoiselle Ba. I’ve condensed down all my oohing and aahing to 5 things you should know about Recuplast.

1. All their items are made from recycled plastic. Period.

2. They have plastic collection sites around Dakar and you can find the one nearest you here. Or you can request that they come pick up at your home, school or business.

3. You can buy their products at these collection sites, but probably best to call first to be sure they are set up and ready. 🙂 Or do like I did and go to their offices on the VDN, right next to the big Hyundai building and across from Good Rade hotel. It’s in the same building as Restaurant la VDN, 4th floor. Tel: 33 827 00 47.

4. You can also place orders for their products online or by phone and they can deliver to you! Many color choices and sizes available.

5. For a full listing of their products, check out their Facebook page. But a few items I’d like to highlight

  • Table with 4 stools, 60 000 CFA. (Or stools at 10 000 CFA each.)
  • 100 plastic trash bags, 10 000 CFA or 15 000 CFA depending on thickness. These are BIG, sturdy trash bags. The thicker ones reminded me of the yard refuse bags in the US. I bought the thinner ones (although still very sturdy!) for our household trash.
  • 50-liter trash bins with lid, 6000 CFA.
  • Outdoor chair, 4500 CFA.
  • Wash basins in 5 sizes ranging from ‘load of laundry’ to ‘kitchen compost’. The whole set is 7500 CFA.
  • ‘Teapots’ for washing, 700 CFA or 500 CFA.

Check out their Facebook page for more details, or visit their website.



My African heart

I grew up in the large village/small town of Daloa in Côte d’Ivoire. Not exactly a megacity, although there were a few two-story buildings, and located right smack-dab in the middle of the country itself. So it’s a bit surprising that there was such a mix of nationalities and ethnicities. I say ‘a mix’ because to say ‘a blend’ implies seamless homogeneity.

Within Côte d’Ivoire there were more than 60 distinct ethnic groups. In addition, most laborers and domestic workers came from nearby countries like Mali and Burkina Faso. The corner boutiques were run by Mauritanian men in long flowing robes. My school was (ahem) a mix of French, Lebanese and Ivorian students.

Among all these, the nomadic Fulani women always stood out to me. Continue reading “My African heart”

DWG 2017 Christmas Bazaar

The Dakar Women’s Group Christmas Bazaar will be November 19th at Centre Aminata Mbaye in Grand Yoff! The Bazaar will run from 10am to 5pm. Entry is 1000 CFA for adults and 500 CFA for children.

Following recent security alerts, the location has been changed this year, so pay attention folks… The lovely Bazaar team tirelessly looked at other options and happily settled on a school which is very close to the heart of Dakar Women’s Group. Centre Aminata Mbaye (CAM) is the school for the Association Senegalaise pour la protection des Enfants Deficients Mentaux. It is located in a very peaceful neighbourhood, right next door to Keru Yakaar, House of Hope clinic.

Over the past ten years, DWG has sponsored CAM in order for it to be repainted, to have a functioning kitchen for school meals and bought educational toys such as wooden puzzles and other materials suited to the needs of their children. They donated money for the external walls to be raised, and also sponsored the vegetable garden and planting around the school. In 2016/17 they funded the renovation of the school toilets.

All of the work that DWG has done in that community, in an effort joined by Terrou-bi Hotel, you will see firsthand at the Bazaar!

As it is a new Bazaar venue requiring new logistics, the original date has been pushed back to the 19th rather than 11th. The 19th is a Sunday, which is perfect for driving around Dakar with little or no traffic, and there is plenty of parking around Centre Aminata Mbaye. (Big thank you to the mayor’s office which has confirmed the availability of a large parking lot!) Also good to know, there is lots of shade at the center.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.41.15 AM Click here for map.

As with all DWG Bazaars and Galas, security is a priority and Sagam guards as well as the red beret gendarmes will be present.

Last year’s DWG Christmas Bazaar raised a record-breaking 8.5 million CFA for charities. It is also a significant event for the vendors, many of whom rely on fairs like this for their livelihood… and let’s not forget that it’s important for us shoppers too! No other event like it in Dakar.

DWG members, events team, executive committee and Madame president Fatou Jobe – THANK YOU for your efforts each year to provide these events for our community. Well will be there with bells on and CFA in hand. 😉

5 tips for November in Dakar

1. It’s just postponed.
The Dakar Farmer’s Market reopening has been postponed until December. Sad faces all around. But Dakar Eats will be featuring DKFM vendors who deliver or sell in stores, so you can still get your English muffin/peanut butter/Italian sausage fix in November.

2. It’s relocated, rescheduled.
CAEDAS international fair will now be held at African Renaissance Monument from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, Nov. 18th. If you’ve never been, the nutshell version is about 50 carefully selected vendors from around the world, a massive international food buffet courtesy of Embassies in Dakar (dishes offered at very reasonable prices), activities for the kiddos… Yes, there will be shade and increased security. 🙂 Entry is 1000 CFA.

The DWG Christmas Bazaar has a new location and date. Mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 19th from 10am to 5pm at the Centre Aminata Mbaye in Grand Yoff!

3. The end is near!
The end of hot season, that is. Every day the morning and evening winds are feeling a bit lighter and more refreshing. Even the beaches are already changing back to their rockier winter looks. This is a very good sign for so early in November.

4. Magal week
The Grand Magal (pilgrimage) of Touba will be next Monday Tuesday, Wednesday. Okay, I’m still not exactly sure of the date. The interwebs say Monday the 6th or Tuesday the 7th, school says Wednesday the 8th is the holiday, and the official website for the Magal says the president will arrive on Wednesday, have important meetings on Thursday and depart following Friday prayers.

So what does this mean? Expect very heavy traffic leaving Dakar early in the week and returning over the weekend. Don’t expect much work to get done this week as it may just roll into one big, long holiday.

5. Thanksgiving prep
I hate to say it, but if you haven’t already started planning your meal, you’re late to the game. But if you’re willing to flex and maybe do rotisserie chicken in place of turkey and make a couple trips to the various grocery stores to find substitutions, you should be just fine. And of course, Dakar Eats is there to help…

31 ways to survive Hot-ober in Dakar

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.41.16 PM

  1. Gelato deliveries from Xocco or Regis Glacier via JumiaFood app.
  2. Ice in a kiddie pool. I’m serious.
  3. Le Lodge‘s 5000 CFA lunch special. The food is great, but the strong AC makes it even better.
  4. Bissap popsicles.
  5. Soaking wet oversized t-shirt + sitting in front of a fan.
  6. Morning or evening ocean swim (then shower) at low tide at Chez Fatou on the petite Corniche des Almadies.
  7. Fresh coconuts (400-500 CFA). Even better, stock up on a few and refrigerate them before drinking. Either way, the electrolytes are better boost than coffee in my book.
  8. Run a “cold water” bath. Let it sit for an hour or more to cool off before you hop in.
  9. Continue reading “31 ways to survive Hot-ober in Dakar”

Just asking…

Continue reading “Just asking…”

5 tips for September in Dakar

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.37.26 PM.png

1. The best source for weather forecasting these muggy, thunderstormy-or-not days is not a website or an app on your phone. It’s this guy: La Météo Dakaroise de Riad.

2. Morning traffic in Dakar has gotten worse Continue reading “5 tips for September in Dakar”

When arriving at DKR-Yoff…

So we’re sitting at the gate, waiting to board our flight to Dakar from CDG Paris. This guy on his mid50s starts talking to us and his story is that he’s from the US, first trip overseas and is headed to meet up with a friend who lives in Dakar.

At first it’s just casual convo about what to do, what to see… but pretty quickly it became obvious that this traveler had no idea what he was headed into. I don’t say this as a criticism of him – how could he know unless someone told him? But it did get me thinking on what the very basics are that I would tell someone arriving at good ol’ DKR-Yoff solo.

Continue reading “When arriving at DKR-Yoff…”

Trading spaces

Coming home to Dakar after two months in the US means a lot of changes.

It means trading my grande vanilla sweet cream cold brew for plunking a straw in a fresh coconut.

Trading Aldi for Auchan.

Trading late evening runs along sidewalks for 8am along the Corniche.

Trading convenience, choices and snack sizes for making do and whatever size they have in stock this week. Continue reading “Trading spaces”

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