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Shopping the Foire International de Dakar (FIDAK)


Let’s start at the beginning… What is FIDAK? It’s the annual Foire International de Dakar, a giant trade fair and market with goods from around the globe. And you should go. Continue reading “Shopping the Foire International de Dakar (FIDAK)”

Fight Club with Idy

Idy Camara, photo by Bruno Col

I’m not talking about Fight Club. I’m writing¬†about Idy Camara and his various ‘fighting lessons’ that he offers in Dakar.

Idy is a heavy-weight kickboxer from the Mermoz club ‘Police’ who trains and coaches kickboxing and boxing and teaches self-defense classes to individuals and small groups. And just in case you think you’re in shape because you run, I can assure you that the boxing is an intense cardio workout! #somuchsweat But it can be fun for the whole family!ūüėČ

Continue reading “Fight Club with Idy”

Welcome (to our) home.

Frames from Orca, prints of historic Saint-Louis (Ndar) from a expired calendar.
My friend Moira over at Palm Tree Tea did this amazing post giving a tour of her Dakar apartment and how she has made it their home. I loved it. I immediately wanted to do one. And then I didn’t want to because it seemed too personal. And then I did because I love seeing other people’s homes… You get the idea. But what actually convinced me was an article I read on why we should regularly photograph the places/spaces we live because it all changes so quickly.

Mirror, chairs and animal carvings purchased in Dakar, China cabinet from Cote d’Ivoire.
Easier said than done, sama xarit. Capturing your space looking as it does when you live in it but not looking like a total disaster (ahem, nod to the kiddos)… Not so simple. But it was a fun challenge to tackle, and these are the ones I felt like sharing. Continue reading “Welcome (to our) home.”

The Corniche: have you heard?

The big news in town is that a food court is going in on the Corniche Ouest, the coastal road that runs from Terrou-Bi hotel up to Almadies via Fann, Fen√™tre Mermoz, Ouakam and Mamelles. And this food court will have… a McDonald’s and a Starbucks!

Not really. I just needed to get your attention. When you’re done hating me, please keep reading. (However, I stand by my prediction that Dakar will get a real KFC, Subway and/or Burger King soon.)

I spend a lot of time on the Corniche road and am continually surprised by how many people, especially women, appear to be unaware of the security risks. Continue reading “The Corniche: have you heard?”

Roule & Glisse skate park

img_0176Fall break starts in 62 minutes. I really shouldn’t be blogging, but instead sipping my last quiet coffee or at least folding some laundry. But I figured that out of solidarity with other PFBs (Parents Facing a Break) these next two weeks, I should share some valuable info I learned courtesy of a recent birthday party. #hbdIris

Continue reading “Roule & Glisse skate park”

I’m not saying it’s hot…

I’m saying…

“Just think how much money we’re saving by not using the hot water heater for showers!”

“I’ve embraced a makeup-free lifestyle.”

“Pumpking spice latte? No, thank you. I’d rather suck on these ice cubes.”

“My hair looks so interesting in 94% humidity.” Continue reading “I’m not saying it’s hot…”

5 things not to say to me in hot season

“Oh, it gets that hot here too.”
Yes, it probably does. Dakar’s highs are generally only in the upper 90s. But factor in the humidity and you’re looking at a RealFeel of well over 100 degrees every day. For three months or more. And very, very few places with AC. But plenty of places with power and water cuts.

But yes, it probably does get to the upper 90s where you live too.

Continue reading “5 things not to say to me in hot season”

How to send money with Wari

1. Take your Senegal residency ID or passport and cash to the nearest buutik or shop boasting a green and white Wari sign.

2. Greet people in the room with a general, “Salam malecum.” Continue reading “How to send money with Wari”

So, about the Dakar Women’s Group…

As a current member and former executive committee member of the Dakar Women’s Group, aka ‘the DWG’, I have some insights that I would like to share. These are my thoughts and may or may not be shared by the Dakar Women’s Group, but I’m in a privileged place to be able to speak based on experience, understanding and also frustration.

Continue reading “So, about the Dakar Women’s Group…”

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