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50 Senegal life hacks

With a little lot of help from my brilliant friends…

“Let your houseworker or guard give directions to your house to Senegalese. The landmarks locals think of as obvious ones are ones I would never think of.”
– Danielle, 8 years

“Before you go to the market, separate your money. Put only a few bills and coins in a second wallet to use in the market so you are not flashing everyone your wallet with a lot of bills in it.”
– Paula, 16 years

Orange Money is my thing now. My life is so much easier now that I don’t have to wait hours in the Senelec, SDE or Sonatel buildings. If I owe my tailor money, I just send it to her via Orange Money. If I want someone to go buy something for me, I send them the money via Orange Money.”
– Raquel, 5 years

“If you’re a newbie, go to HLM market on Sunday. Fewer people and more manageable.”
– Diana, 2 years

“Always have a malaria treatment on hand for each age group member of your family and to know how to administer it.”
– Paula, 16 years Continue reading “50 Senegal life hacks”


10 book recommendations for Senegal

Some people dream of marrying their best friend and growing old together in rocking chairs on the front porch. I don’t really care where we grow old or whether we rock our way there, but I always wanted to marry someone who would just sit and read next to me. (Mission: Accomplished)

In our ten years of living in Senegal and reading our way through it, here are 10 books we’ve found very interesting, insightful and helpful. That’s not to say we agree with all of them, but some good thieb for thought in each one.

Continue reading “10 book recommendations for Senegal”

2018 DWG Christmas Bazaar!

The Dakar Women’s Group Christmas Bazaar will be Saturday, November 17th at ISD! The Bazaar will run from 10am to 5pm. Entry is 1000 CFA for adults and 500 CFA for children.

This is an event for the whole family. Shopping with over 100 vendors, great food at the bake sale and BBQ, kids’ activities, face-painting…

As with all DWG Bazaars and Galas, security is a priority, so guests are asked to be patient as bags are checked and security measures enforced.

The annual DWG Christmas Bazaar raises a millions of CFA for charities. It is also a significant event for the vendors, many of whom rely on fairs like this for their livelihood… and let’s not forget that it’s important for us shoppers too! No other event like it in Dakar.

DWG members, events team, executive committee, Elise and Aylin – THANK YOU for your efforts each year to provide these events for our community. We will be there with bells on and CFA in hand. 😉

10 things you understand about hot season if you’ve lived it

1. Hot water from the “cold” tap.

2. Realizing that all of your clothes actually touch you. Way too much.

3. Ice water as a meal because you just can’t bring yourself to make or eat anything.

4. Shin sweats. (credit: M. EM)

5. Ice cubes that melt into your drink before you can even get to the terrace to enjoy it.

6. Air Conditioning Remnants. You know, the cooler tile floors and slightly lower humidity that lingers in a room that had AC running in it.

7. On that note… State Department Envy. SDE is a real and serious problem that sometimes requires deep breaths to overcome.

8. Food poisoning. (This may help.)

9. Pools warmer than bath water. Blech.

10. Counting down to the end! Which I have officially predicted will be November 10th. Mark your calendars, sweaty people.

How’s it looking?

Are you keeping up with the Diops, blazing your own style trail or somewhere in between?

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 5.42.41 PM

So how did you do? Share with a friend who would win!


A little TCK craft

I love a good craft project.

I really love a good craft project for kids that is open-ended, inexpensive, launches discussions about cities around the world that are special to us, tackles some geography lessons and brings up important topics for Third Culture Kids like homesickness and jet lag. (Even better if all can be done from your air-conditioned living room on a hot day.) Continue reading “A little TCK craft”

Hush, sweaty boy

Hush, sweaty boy, don’t say a word.
Maman’s gonna buy you a frozen bissap,

And if that frozen bissap melts,
Maman’s gonna dunk you in a bucket bath,

And if that bucket bath spills
Maman’s gonna turn on the air conditioner.

And if that air conditioner gets broke,
Maman’s gonna call the repairman again.

And if that repairman only comes ‘inchalla’,
Maman’s gonna buy you a Shady Shack slushie.

And if that Shady Shack slushie melts,
Maman’s gonna buy you an Evernal fan,

And if that Evernal fan won’t spin,
Maman’s gonna take you to overcrowded, warm pool.

And if that overcrowded, warm pool doesn’t cool you off,
You’ll still be the sweatiest little boy in town.

A familiar strangeness

I have a distinct memory from when I was eight years old of waking up in a room I didn’t recognize.

The floor had small black tiles and the windows had bars on them. Above me a fan was swirling at high speed, but my skin was sticky. A small clock by the bed said it was 2:30, and the sun was blazing so I knew it was afternoon. I could hear voices outside, but I couldn’t understand them.

I felt so disoriented, but with each breath I recognized pieces that felt familiar. Continue reading “A familiar strangeness”

10 things I miss about Dakar…

after being away this summer.

– The look of hot season. Not the feel, mind you. But the bright blue sky on the brilliant blue ocean are colors I miss.


Marie’s freshly baked English muffins with her Casamance honey and some of Veronique’s all-peanut butter.

Wax print clothes.

– Mid-week lunches on the Petite Corniche and play-dates with our friends. (Note this list is not in order as my eyes are getting misty here…)

– Hearing the gendarme birds in the morning.

Shady Shack hummus and his amazing Sunday lunches to-go.

– Our church, a loving mish-mash of people from all around the world who happen to be in Dakar and have chosen to come together to encounter God and bless others.

– Cranking out designs and new ideas with Kayoong Community. Even if at times I feel like another trip to buy fabric at HLM market may kill me…

Routine. Despite its interruptions (like power cuts and water shortages), having our routine in Dakar makes life work for me.

Not surprisingly, these all fall under ‘feeling at home and part of a community’. If you’ve recently arrived in Dakar and haven’t reached these warm, fuzzy feelings (although you probably have achieved warm and sticky…), hang in there. Dakar is a busy intersection of people coming and going and you’ll find your rhythm soon.

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