As you may know, our list of things to do in the next two years includes the following item:

Move to Senegal.


There are many other items on the list that need to be accomplished first, so this morning J. tackled making an appointment with the Senegalese Consulate here in Lyon. Two transfered calls and explaining three times that we actually want to move there and not just go for a visit, we have an appointment Monday morning! We will be meeting with the Consul to find out whatever it is we need to find out in order to move to Senegal and start an osteopathic clinic.

The research, procedures, paperwork, details and work involved in this process scare me. I like to know all the facts so that I can organize them in a handy little chart and feel prepared.

But we’re moving forward one item on the list at a time – a very exciting process for this listmaker. And when J. thanked the Consul’s secretary in Wolof and then hung up the phone, he turned to me with a huge smile and said, “Today just got awesome.”