Flowers, dinner, maybe chocolates in a heart-shaped box. This is how many couples would choose to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. But instead we did somethng truly Us-errific. We went and got vaccinated in preparation for Senegal!


The anniversary special – no reservations needed!

Diphtheria. Whooping cough. Tetanus. Typhoid. Meningitis. Yellow Fever. Malaria. Those are the romantic words spoken on our anniversary.

We went to the CDHS and took advantage of their free consultations for international travelers, got a referral for free tuberculosis and blood testing (hepatitis A, hepatitis B and HIV) at another clinic, and also got our first round of vaccinations.

Unfortunately I had my last big round of booster shots 11 years ago and most have to be done at least every 10 years, so I’m going to be a pin cushion by the end of this!

This afternoon we’re just going to relax here at the apartment, compare sore arms, and enjoy a very special anniversary treat.

Ha ha! Just kidding. You thought we were going to be all One pint, two spoons’ didn’t you? Here’s the whole picture:

That’s better. We look better as a pair.