Guess which fifth-year osteopathic student will be doing an internship while we’re in Senegal next February?

I’m going to assume you all know the answer to this one.

Yesterday we moved one step closer to the dream. I say ‘we’ because it’s our dream, but I’m not the one who actually did anything. Many moons ago J. researched osteopaths in Dakar and decided he wanted to try to do an internship during our visit in order to get more experience, but also to glean as much information as possible.

So he made an appointment with the director at his school to get the idea approved, got the ball rolling on internship paperwork, and yesterday he picked up the phone and cold-called the first osteopath on his list to ask if they would consider letting him do an internship.

It was pretty nerve wracking because there were a lot of unknowns: would they be interested? too busy? unhappy about new competition arriving? cooperative?

But 20 minutes later, we had our answers. This osteopath was happy to hear Jonathan would be opening an osteopathic clinic in Dakar in 2010, gave lots of helpful information,and agreed to the internship proposal.

The paperwork still has to be completed and details ironed out, but even if the internship were to fall through… contacting the Dakar osteopaths was a big step in making our plans known and finding out what the professional environment is like.


I am so glad His hands are guiding this dream.