…What could we take as gifts for our Senegalese friends and family? In Senegalese culture, when you travel you bring back ‘sarice’ or small gifts. For example, when my Senegalese friends went to the big pilgrimage at Touba, they brought me back beaded necklaces and bracelets. We were thinking maybe one bigger gift for each village rather than trying to get something for everyone – that would be insane. Add to shopping list: one goat.

…We’ve been warned that checked luggage is often delayed arriving in Dakar, so are going to attempt to carry-on everything. I pulled out all my clothes to pack yesterday and am relieved that summer-weight wardrobe for two weeks is much smaller/lighter than the winter-weight wardrobe I took to Budapest last month. Seriously – my Senegal stack was the size of two sweaters.

…What am I going to wear to run in Dakar? It is pretty western, but it’s still a Muslim country and I’m going to stand out even more than my usual little pale self. I’m thinking of recruiting Erin to recommend some options for me. I’m guessing the keywords are going to be: baggy, lightweight, loose and breathable.

Two more weeks!