Follow the chief

First stop when visiting the village: the chief’s house.

Souleymane Ndoye is the chief of Sindou, and although this photo may lead you to think he’s very serious, but in fact he’s quite the kidder. However, the Senegalese love to put on very serious faces for photos, just like how Americans like big toothy smiles.

But we decided ‘when in Sindou, do as the Sindouans!’ So these are our chief faces. Pretty good, eh?

Roxaya and her kiddos

Our next stop was to Roxaya’s house. This woman is pretty amazing. She speaks Wolof, French and English, studied thru high school level and studied the Qu’ran. She is the daughter of the village marabout (Islamic leader) and is the president of the Islamic Women’s Association for the village.

The Koranic school in Sindou
Making friends
New buddies
Roxaya's mother selling produce
Isn't she beautiful?