The Sarr household in Guet Ndar

After leaving Senegal, we obsessively checked blogs and looked at pictures taken by people who visited places we knew. Each picture was carefully examined to see who we could recognize and what had changed since we left.

I know that some of you reading this blog (hello former F4Fers and Jmen!) are probably doing the same thing and I am trying to post as many pictures of people and places as I can for you.

This particular post is for Ousseynou Sarr and Aminata Boye, although the Sarrs and Dieyes asked about many of you. We just don’t remember your Senegalese names – sorry! (If you could leave them in the comments, that would be helpful. I’m looking for an Amy Gueye in particular…)

The new restaurant and hostel owned by Kiné's family

Ousseynou, your family misses you and wants you guys to come back and make Kadia Toubab (fried okra) again. And Fama Sarr fondly remembers the time you made your self sick on couscous and then didn’t eat at all the next day. She was very worried about you and very relieved once you started eating again. 🙂

PS – I have Kiné Thiam’s email address if you want it, but she’s also on Facebook and said to tell you all hello.

Fama Sarr
Doudou Fama Dieye and Fama Sarr... not their baby
St Louis colors