But don't worry - this isn't how we traveled!
I love this picture. (I took it for Ken.)
THE statue that has EVERYONE all riled up.

This statue, taller than Miss Liberty, was commissioned by President Abdoulaye Wade. The controversy started ver its $27 million price tag, and then it moved to being criticized by the country’s religious leaders. Here’s a sampling:

For Many in Senegal, Statue Is A Monumental Failure
Senegal imams condemn statue (BBC)
Senegal statue condemned for offensive show of thigh (The Guardian)
Senegal Statue a PR Nightmare for President Wade (PV)

Playing on the swings (Shhh... don't tell the grown-ups.)
View from the Mamelles lighthouse in Dakar
...and of the Mamelles lighthouse.
For our francophone friends: Senegal-ified 'Herbes de Provence' 🙂