Cal and Patty gave me this beaded necklace, made by my friend Diami. Once she gets international shipping set up, I'll hook you up 🙂
Djibi made this bag for me, which I love, of course. He works at Malika Monkeys trade school . (Click photo for more info and their catalogue.)
Patty made me a cake! (And Cheikh kept it a surprise!)

You know how some stories are just told, told and re-told? Well, the story of my first birthday in Senegal is one of those for us. Cal and Patty were our supervisors back in our public health instructor days of 2002-2004 (back before there was an ‘us’). For my birthday that year, they threw me a surprise party… but not just any surprise party – a Khady-look-alike party in which everyone dressed up as me… which was awesome.

2003: Cheikh and Dillon dressed up as me!
2010: Us with Cal, Patty and Dillon at an amazing Moroccan restaurant

I was also able to see two very special ladies on my birthday: Maye and Patricia. And Patricia made the best yassa ever. Ever, I tell you.

Such a great way to celebrate not-yet-turning-thirty.

Yassa avec poisson grillé
Patricia, my Wolof tutor and good buddy