The Economist recently ran this article featuring a map that shows the volume of friendships between particular parts of the world. It was developed by a Facebook intern by the name of Paul Butler.

Interesting that the east coast of the US and France are both hotspots!

It’s an interesting project, and a cool view of the world. I, of course, zoomed in directly on Dakar. You see it? It’s the glowing dot on the tip of West Africa.

Dakar is in the center of the image - bright white!

I came across this map via Cyrus Farivar, a technology journalist I met in Lyon a few years back who had also lived in Senegal. His book, The Internet of Elsewhere — about the history and effects of the Internet on different countries around the world, including Senegal, Iran, Estonia and South Korea — is due out from Rutgers University Press on May 8, 2011. (You can pre-order it from now.)

It’s very high on my to-read list. Hopefully along with its high Internet and Facebook activity, Dakar also has a good postal service for receiving books shipped by!