When I checked my email this morning, I saw that Cheikh had sent me a link to a BBC News video clip on Santa’s around the world – including a short interview with a Senegalese Santa. Although Senegal is about 94% Muslim, in the big cities you’ll still see the occasional red suit and white beard, generally at the western style shopping centers or stores.

Omar Chou, Senegalese Santa 2010

The Santa featured in the BBC News piece is Omar Chou, a law student in Dakar. He’s working near the LGM restaurant and Pâtisserie Les Ambassades in Point E, which is the same spot where Cheikh had his photo snapped with Senegalese Santas and friends back in 2003.

Christmas in Dakar, 2003

I had my Senegalese Santa photo op at the City Sport and Score Sahm shopping center. this one was taken right before I got a big Santa-kiss on my cheek.

Christmas in Dakar, 2003

So, just in case you were wondering… Yes, there is a Senegalese Santa Claus!