Same recipe. New results!

The bébé is due June 22nd! We’ve been waiting to announce this news until we’d had a chance to tell family members in person. So we told his side on Christmas Day and my  side on New Year’s Eve.

The day before we found out.

It’s extra exciting for us because…

– My brother and his wife are expecting their first just a couple weeks later in July. In fact, we were able to go register for baby gifts the other night before Chris and Kate left. Nothing like walking up to sweet old lady working at Babies R Us in Kennesaw, Georgia, and catching yourself just before you blurt out, “My brother and I are here to register for baby stuff.”

I'm 15 weeks and Kate is 12 weeks!
The family that registers together...
Of course, he went straight for the little suits.
Testing out the gliders

– Our baby will be born in Senegal! We were able to get an appointment with a highly recommended, very experienced doctor in Dakar. She has a great reputation and we’re very happy to be seeing her.

– The timing is perfect. (You can ask us about this more in-depth in person. It’s pretty cool.) Not many people who are moving across the globe and balancing new job situations can say that… but we can! Yalla baaxna, which means ‘God is good’ in Wolof.