You know, part of me feels like I should leave that last post up for a long time because it’s a big deal in our lives… but the other part feels like, “Well, we’ve said it. Now back to our my regular blogging routine!”

So what else is happening in our world? Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. As you know, we’re in the process of packing 87% of our belongings into boxes. (We’re leaving about 8% in storage in the US and then there’s 5% waiting for us in France. We’ll pick it up at the end of the month on our way to Dakar.)

Contrary to what I expected, the hard part is not the packing – cramming, wrapping, protecting and shoving everything in. Nope. The hard part is estimating how many boxes, or square feet rather, you’ll have in the end. We’re shipping through a company in Missouri that needs to know how many square feet of space to reserve for us in the container… which means we needed to send a pretty good guesstimate last week.

I stink at math. Plus, there’s this whole baby thing to add into the equation. How many square feet of stuff does a baby need? What about its parents? One is a super-minimalist and the other… uh, not.

So tell me – quick, off the top of your head – how many boxes would you pack and ship if you were moving to Senegal? The person who guesses closest to our actual end number wins a prize!