1. Why did you wait so long to tell people about the baby?

When your family is spread across a couple continents (and spreading further still!), it’s not often that you get to share these special moments in person. So since we are on the same continent for once, we decided to wait to tell our families face-to-face rather than via Skype.

2. Do you have morning sickness?

Not anymore. I had a rough couple of weeks a while back, but in talking with friends (ahem, Beth) I’m figuring out that what I has was actually more like ‘morning discomfort’. In any case, feeling much better now.

I do suspect that the baby may be part-tapeworm though. I have been eating non-stop, but so far only gained one pound. I hear that’ll change soon though…

3. Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?

Probably so. I don’t really care about knowing, but seeing as Cheikh can read ultrasounds, he’ll know. And there’s no way I’d let him know and not me! Plus, my mom wants to know so she can buy gender-appropriate baby clothes.

4. Are you going to fly back to the US for the birth / give birth under a bush in a village?

No and no.

The baby will be born in a very nice, modern hospital in Dakar. Our doctor comes very highly recommended by friends of ours. Lots of them, in fact. It seems that she’s delivered every little American baby born in Senegal in the last eight years or so. One of my friends has given birth in the US, France and Senegal and she said her experience with this doctor in Dakar was the best.

5. But is it really safe?

Yes, it is. If you have specific questions or concerns, just let me know.

6. Will your baby have an African name that I can’t pronounce?

Possibly. But it won’t be their legal name. Just like we go by ‘Cheikh’ and ‘Khady’ when in Senegal, our baby will be given a Senegalese name. But as far as their legal name, it’ll be something more American that works in both English and French.

Ideas welcome, by the way! We have pretty…um… different thoughts on names we like. Should be fun…

7. I heard you’re doing cloth diapers. Really?


It sounds cooler to say that it’s just because we’re just so green and don’t want to pollute the environment. But the inital motivator is more finance-driven. Have you priced disposable diapers imported into a developing country? If so, you probably understand this decision a bit better.

If you’re interested, we paid just under $500 for a ‘lifetime supply’ of cloth diapers and accessories from Kushies. And they were delivered super-fast.

8. Are you registered anywhere? I mean, you’re going to Senegal really soon…

Yup. If you want details, just email us.

My brother holding me hostage with the scanner gun when we went to register for baby stuff.

9. Is this going to become one of those mom blogs that’s all about burping methods and making your own flannel diaper wipes?

First of all, let me say that those mom blogs are way more interesting that I once thought.

Secondly, I am going to be making my own flannel diaper wipes. (Thanks Erin and Valerie!).

Thirdly, I doubt this will become a mom blog. As my dad said, Cheikh and I were a family before this baby came along. We’re excited about the addition, of course, and we know it will be a much bigger life change than we can understand right now… But this blog is about a lot more than a new addition.

10. Any other questions?