Here we go again!

I broke my camera download cord and realized my iPhone charger cord is about to break as well. Quick save by Cheikh at the electronics store!

I went to Target and Publix for some last-minute travel goodies. A six-hour layover in London on Saturday morning then another six hours in Brussels on our way to Dakar on Thursday = need lots of good snacks and magazines.

Goodbyes earlier this week

I did laundry. And by ‘did’ I mean put my stuff in the laundry basket and then smiled sweetly at Cheikh. As they say in French, “faire et faire faire…” which means “to do and to have done…” same thing, right?

I smiled huge when I found out that our friends in Lyon are not only picking us up at the airport, but also making us dinner that night. (Merci, Ken & Gabi!) And also found out that friends in Dakar will be picking us up and taking us to our new place of residence, where they’ll have some food for us. (Jërë jef, Joel & Elin!) Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat and am constantly thinking/planning my next meal. So having those meals taken care of is awesome  🙂 I am one happy pregnant woman.

One trunk, 50lbs. No problem.

I packed one piece of luggage that weighs 50.6lbs and one that weighs 50.3lbs. I am so good.

I read a letter from my cousin-in-law, Beth to bébé Masson so that he or she can get to know their family. The letter is personal, but I want to share my favorite line that explains it all: “So, if we are going to be the best of friends, and I will know everything about you from your sweet mama, it is only fair that I properly introduce myself to you.” (Yes, I cried.) Thank you, Beth.

I drank my last sip of Cherry Dr Pepper. That stuff is so good.

The moving guys

I got an email from Prince Mahmoud who wants to deposit some money in my US bank account. I won’t tell you how much money – but let’s just say it’s a lot. Unfortunately things are crazy here today, so no time to write him back.

I ate a slice of pizza from Marietta Pizza Company – my favorite.

I received a surprise baby gift from a high school friend (that fit perfectly in our 50-lb bags, by the way). Sophie la Giraffe has been hugely popular in France since 1961, so I am very excited that bébé Masson will have one. And surely teething on a French toy is good for developing that ooh là là French accent, non?

Merci, Erin!

I started reading Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain, a book my aunt gave me. I always take a good book to distract myself from freaking out on the plane. (To quote Claire on Modern Family, “Basically what they’re doing is putting a building  full of people on its side then throwing it from one city to another.) The problem is that I take  new books that I haven’t started reading yet, so I’m not yet interested in the story. And I give up by page 5. So I wised up and started reading this book before getting on the plane. New problem: it’s so good that I may finish it before boarding. Oops.