My friend’s baby just learned to giggle. Apparently when she does it, it scares her. (I know this because I read about it on my friend’s Facebook status.) I kind of laughed to myself over the idea of doing something to yourself that makes you frightened in response. How silly, right?

I laughed too soon.

19 weeks

Even though I wanted this photo taken (gotta’ keep up with the sis-in-law’s belly shots), it freaked me out me when I saw it! I’ve been telling people that I’m not really showing yet… because in my mind I wasn’t. Apparently I just haven’t looked in any mirrors lately!

In honor of this little reality shock and carrying the bébé on a continent far from family and many of our friends, I thought I’d give a little update. (Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs Darling!)

Food: I love it. I hate. Can’t get enough of it, but nothing sounds good. It’s not morning sickness really – just all day pickiness. I’m very, very excited about being in Senegal (27hrs!!) where we can get lots of fresh fruits and veggies. That’s about the only thing that consistently sounds appealing, but not in this cold weather.

Clothes: I ❤ yoga pants. And even better, I’m pretty sure they ❤ me. But we’re going to break up when we get to Dakar and I unpack all my flowing, loose-fitting, draw-string waisted attire. I can’t wait.

Sleep: Jet-lag aside, I’m sleeping pretty well.I honestly don’t know how other women go through pregnancy without their own personal osteopath. I’m a huge fan of mine. When my back hurts, he gets a black chicken and a piece of red string… just kidding. He gave me two osteopathic treatments last week before we flew out and my lower back hasn’t hurt at all since then – which means sleeping has been a lot easier too.

Doctor: Seeing her Monday! Probably having the first ultrasound that day.

Fruit: For those of you familiar with the ‘what size is your baby in relation to a fruit’ scale, at 19 weeks our baby is the size of a mango. That’s 6 inches from head to tush, and about one-half of a pound.

There you go. Consider yourself updated. Next report will be live from Dakar!