It’s probably about time for me to write about something other than the power cuts, don’t you think? Well, here it goes. Kind of.

What’s the messiest food you eat? Probably spaghetti, right? Picture a big plate of slippery spaghetti covered in bright red marinara sauce. Imagine twirling it around your fork, dripping little red dots across your plate as you eat it.

Now imagine attempting this in the dark.

(I know, I said this wouldn’t be about power cuts. So keep reading.)

Friends from the US, also in Senegal

This weekend our friends Will and Gloria stayed with us. One night we had dinner with them and their friends, which was a total of six adults and three kiddos. And I made spaghetti. And the lights went out as we were eating. Nine spaghetti-eaters navigating their way in the dark. As you can imagine, it got a little messy.

I went to go wash my hands by candlelight, only to discover that… the water had been cut off. (See? I told you this wasn’t about power cuts. Well, not exclusively anyway.)

Doing the dishes the next morning

Fortunately, the next morning we had both power and water, so I was able to do the spaghetti dinner dishes as I watched our neighborhood wake up. However, I did let the water run for a good five minutes to clean out the pipes. Wouldn’t you have done the same?