16 weeks... ish.

The first doctor’s appointment in Dakar went great! One big surprise: the due date is now estimated for August 1st, six weeks later than originally thought. The doctor will confirm that at the next visit (end of the month), so we’ll see. In the end, it doesn’t matter that much. If this baby is as stubborn determined as its father… it’ll come whenever it wants. 🙂

When we first found out about the baby, I was a little (not very) surprised to find out that in the US they say to aim for gaining about 25-35lbs, but in France they say 22lbs. My doctor here (Senegalese, but studied in France) said I should aim for about 2lbs per month from here on out, so I’ve been logging some time in the kitchen making snacks and meals. It takes so much longer to cook here, and I’m not as hungry as I was in the US where it was so cold outside. But that’s okay. Eating more is a challenge I think I can handle!