…beautiful day in Dakar. A beautiful day for an 18-week check-up and sonogram. As she was doing the sonogram, the doctor asked if she could tell the gender, did we want to know. We looked at each other, then said, “Yes,” simultaneously. Before we’d even finished pronouncing the ‘Ssss’ in ‘yes’, the doctor announced, “It’s a boy!”

Cheikh had suspected it from what he’d seen on the sonogram (whereas I was still trying to be sure that we weren’t having a squirrel). So the doctor took me on a little sonogram tour to point out, well… what needed to be pointed out. And yes, I agree: we are definitely having a boy squirrel.

18 weeks

The doctor said everything looks good and we’re still on for an August 1st due date. (Phew – no big surprises!)

She did say that July-October are the worst times to be pregnant in Senegal because of the heat, but there’s nothing much anyone can do about that. I may just get a pool membership and float my last month out.

My brother and his wife found out this week that their baby, due two weeks before ours, is a girl! Which means that none of the baby clothes my mom has been stocking up on will go to waste. One of each!