Reading by candle light after dinner
  • Halfway finished cutting your husband’s hair with electric clippers.
  • Putting in your contacts.
  • Watching the last two minutes of a really good mystery movie.
  • 6 toes painted red…4 toes not yet.
  • When your banana bread loaf is only 30 minutes into a one-hour baking time and your oven has an electric thermostat.
  • Digging in on spaghetti night.
  • When the load of laundry is only half done. (Mmm… soap-marinated towels.)
  • 97% finished submitting a large file for work via internet.

Can you guess what inspired today’s post? Yeah. The power cuts are really, really bad here. The nutshell version is that the power company, Senelec, is in big, huge debt and can’t pull itself out, maintain its plants or buy fuel.

Senelec’s new nickname is ‘la Société des ténèbres’, which means ‘Darkness Inc’.

The most frustrating part is just not knowing when the cuts will be. (But you know they’re lurking around the corner!)

For example, when I have Skype conference calls for work scheduled at a certain time. Even if the power is on at our house, I can’t be sure it will stay on. So I have to go find somewhere with a generator and wi-fi to set up camp for the call.

Or when I want to make plans for dinner. I made pizza dough three days ago and it’s been in the fridge since then, waiting for a meal time when the power is on so I can open the fridge without letting out all the cold air and then use the oven. (Of course, there’s no guarantee that the power will stay on until the dough has cooked.)

In the grand scheme of things, suffering through power cuts is not the worst thing in the world. But it sure is irritating when you’re trying to do something and the pow