Senegal’s landscape is basically two colors. A whole lotta’ this:

And when the air is clear, a good bit of this:

But mostly, it’s this:

Sometimes when you live in the the sandy plains of the western Sahel, you just need to see a little greenery. When we feel the need to add a bit of color to our daily lives, we head over to the Hann-Maristes park. Somehow in our time in Dakar before, we never made it over there. Now we go about twice a week!

But I have to admit, sometimes sand and sky colors aren’t that hard on the eyes.

Tomorrow we head to the American Embassy to start our paperwork requesting a long-stay visa which will allow us to live in Senegal. If you’re thinking, “Hey – wait a second! They can’t do that until the Cheikh’s work situation is in order…” You’d be right.

Stay tuned for big news soon!