Sunday evening at Lighthouse Beach

The perfect way to end a week (or start a new one, depending on how you look at it): a bonfire on the beach with friends. We’ve been in Dakar for about two months now, so have made it through the initial settng up and getting our feet under us. So now it’s time to have a little fun and start enjoying the perks of life here. We’ve got a couple short trips planned soon – squeezing stuff into the pre-baby months!

Cheikh & Khady

In related news, I had my first flash of culture shock last night. Long story short, it ended with me demanding to be let out of a taxi (even though we were on the autoroute) and Cheikh very wisely getting me out of there asap before I totally lost it.

(So yes, we love being here and are so happy to be back, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy or stress-free.)

Men made fire. Women made talk.

You may have heard about the demonstrations in Dakar this past weekend. There was anti-government rally attended by about 3,000 people who are fed up with, among other things, high costs of living and the lack of jobs. The demonstration was relatively peaceful and the general consensus is that Senegal doesn’t need a revolution like the ones in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya. People just want the government to work better and be held accountable.

Cheikh exploring

I’m sure some of the fuel behind the demonstrations was the power cuts. (Pun intended.) They’re getting worse – and ours aren’t even as bad as other parts of town. So we have decided to invest in power back-up system, aka Operation Keep Khady Sane. With a little bit of luck, OKKS will be in place within a couple weeks and we’ll be able to run our computers, modem, a couple little lights and a fan even during power cuts.

Fire, football and smores. Perfect.

The fan will be especially helpful once hot season gets here. And it’s coming. I’m enjoying every single 70° day, knowing that soon we’ll be bumping that up about 20°. But hey – at least I’ll have a fan!

Bébé at 21 weeks
It was surprisingly chilly... but the smores were a good distraction!