A few years ago I came up with my own personal definition of ‘living somewhere’. It came about after hearing people say they had ‘lived in London’ or ‘lived in a village’ for two or three weeks. In my head, I responded with, “No, you ‘stayed’ there.”

I know. It’s me being picky and I probably should have just let it go. But I didn’t. Instead I made up my own totally-arbitrary-definition of what it means ‘to live’ in a place. If I have experienced the majority of these, I can officially say I’ve ‘lived’ there:

  • If you disappeared for 10 days, someone in your neighborhood would notice.
  • You have an address and have received personal mail.
  • If someone swapped out your pillow, you’d know it immediately.
  • You’ve been through at least one cycle of culture shock. (This is also valid in the US if you move from one region to another.)
  • Your Facebook status no longer refer to it as ‘this place’.
  • You’ve applied for residency and/or updated your ID.
  • You have a favorite restaurant in the area and one you avoid.

This week, I was able to check another one of these off my list! We got mail, people. Like real, handwritten mail AND a package.

Let there be (head)light! The package from Cornerstone included a fantastic 40 LED bulb headlight with three power settings. It’s awesome. And I can now walk around freely, carry things with both hands and even read during the power cuts!

Plus, it just looks cool.