Cheikh & Khady

So, we went to the beach this weekend – in case you hadn’t figured that part out. The Domaine de Nianing is about two and a half hours from Dakar (but thanks to John’s great driving skillz and Cheikh as co-pilot, we made it in a little less).

Beach at Nianing

On our first day there, a group formed very quickly and headed over to play volleyball on the beach. One of the men who worked there asked Cheikh if he was going to play, and he said yes. The man then asked me if I was too. I said no, then when he asked me why not, I pointed to my stomach and said, “I have a volleyball here. Why would I play with another one?” He laughed… and for the rest of our time there he called me ‘Madame Volleyball’.

Watch out for monkeys!

So Madame Volleyball went to the beach, met some great people (that we hope to see again soon… hint, hint), took naps by the pool, ate way too much good food (and will regret that at this week’s pregnancy check-up and weigh-in), enjoyed sleeping with air-conditioning…

Now, back in Dakar. Well-rested and not too sure about this whole getting back into daily life thing… When’s the next beach trip?

...And other wild things.
Fruit juice poolside? Yes, please.
The place we stayed was HUGE.
Horse cart on the beach
Baby monkey hitching a ride
Dinner one night. (The food was amazing.)
Base of a palm tree where I took a nap
...And the view when I woke up.
Our bungalow
The beach
Ladies' room. Men's room. Both wear long robes, so pay attention.
Spotted on the way to lunch
No seriously. When are we going again?