I splurged yesterday and bought some decent quality razors. The cheap-o ones I snagged at King Cash when we first arrived just aren’t cutting it. (Well, they’re knicking me, but that’s not the same…)

I picked up a package of pretty pink Gillette razors. Across the front, in about five languages, it said: For the way a woman shaves. I don’t know about you, but for when I thought of ‘the way a woman shaves’, I pictured bubble bath, candles and soft music. So of course, I bought them.

I should have kept looking to see if they had any marked: For the way a woman shaves in Africa. That is to say…

– standing up

– in the dark, or at risk of the lights going off at any moment

– holding the shower head with one hand and razor in the other

– trying not to slip on the ceramic floor

– racing against the hot water tank


Let me know when you find these razors. I want a case of them.