Let there be light... 12 hours a day.

Senelec (a.k.a. Darkness Inc.) has been releasing power cut schedules so that people can know what to expect. In theory. Until recently, I haven’t found that the schedules were anything more than wishful thinking.

However, recently they’ve simplified it so that everyone is either is Zone A or Zone B. Either you have power for a certain chunk of about five hours, or you don’t. No more sporadic, random cuts that you never know how long they’ll last. (In theory…but for the last 24hrs at least, it seems to be holding true.)

Basically we have power 12 hours a day, in either two or three chunks. Which means I can now plan meals that require the oven, know to wait 15 minutes to open the fridge, do laundry without losing power… (Who am I kidding? Cheikh does our laundry.)

Knowledge is power.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some cookies and get them in the oven before our next power cut in approximately 78 minutes. 🙂