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Lest you think we ate peanut butter smoothies all Easter weekend, let me assure you we did not. Between the all-American style Sunday brunch after church and then a Senegalese meal at our friend Patricia’s house, we had both cultures covered. Very, very well.

Easter dinner chez Patricia

For those of you who don’t know this dish, it’s heaven on a platter. Fried chicken covered in a caramelized onion sauce (yassa) served over vermicelli pasta and topped with fresh sliced vegetables, hard boiled eggs and green olives. Oh. Yum.

Times like these, ‘eating for two’ just isn’t enough. So I ate an extra bite for Peggy, and extra bite for Jana, an extra bite for Kate and and extra bite for Marcy.

Cheikh sitting down to enjoy a bissap cocktail

In addition to ngalax and the chicken dish, Patricia had also made nems (little eggrolls), pastels (fish turnovers) and beignets (doughnuts). For dessert – not that we had any room – she served fruit salad.

All of this and I still managed to drink two glasses of her chilled ‘bissap cocktail’, made by mixing equal parts bissap (hibiscus flower drink) and bouye (baobab fruit drink). It may look like purple Pepto-Bismol, but sure tastes good!

Countries represented: Senegal, Benin, US and the Congo...