Walking over to Ngor Right

As part of our quest to get to know Dakar better (because after all, “You cannot love a city if you do not know a city.”) we went to N’gor Island this past weekend.

Here’s what I knew about N’gor Island before going:

  • You have to take a 500cfa boat ride (think wooden canoe with an engine) to get there and back.
  • It’s the home of N’gor Right, the legendary surfing wave in the first “The Endless Summer” movie.
Right here!

What I now know:

  • It’s the cleanest place I’ve been in Senegal.
  • The vendors didn’t hassle us.*
  • Akon owns a house there.
  • If you eat at La Maison d’Italie restaurant, they will come pick you up/take you back in their boat.

* As a result, I bought a wrap skirt, a scarf and some beaded necklaces.

Fishing boats at N'gor

We loved it and will definitely go back. It’s perfect for an afternoon or day get-away. If you go, here are some things to consider:

  • The pirogue ride over is very wet, so put cameras and phone in Ziploc bags and wear shoes/pants that can get wet.
  • There are two beach areas, so check them both out before deciding where you want to park for the day.
  • You can rent an umbrella and lounge mat for the day on either beach.
  • Also lots of yummy smelling kiosques and little restaurants selling grilled chicken and Senegalese dishes starting at around 1,500cfa.
  • But if you’re wanting to ride in the nicer boat and sit in a secluded, calmer environment, the 5,000-10,000cfa meals at La Maison d’Italie are worth it.
Relaxing after lunch
Cacti by the water
The main part of the island looks like this: lots of winding, narrow paths.
View of Dakar (N'gor neighborhood) from the island
La Maison d'Italie restaurant
The pier at La Maison d'Italie
Vendor selling beaded jewelry
Self-portrait... well, of my feet at least.