We interrupt our irregularly scheduled power cuts to add a new challenge to your daily life: water cuts.

Beginning Wednesday, May 11th, the water will be cut daily-yet-sporadically for your frustration and inconvenience. Although water cuts usually only last an hour or so, these recent cuts have been increased to last 7, 9 and even 13 hours (like the one that started at 2pm on Friday and lasted until 3am on Saturday).

During these surprise water cuts, please note that you will not be able:
– to wash dishes
– to flush toilets.
– to do laundry.*
– to take a shower or wash your hair.
– to clean up the kitchen.
– to refill the water filter.

*Note that this activity requires both the presence of water and electricity, so good luck with that.

Teaching Aminata how to make pizza dough...and activity best undertaken when you have h20 available for cleaning up afterwards!

However, you will be able to use your reserves:

– to take a sponge bath.
– to wash your hands.
– to wash your dirty, nasty feet after wearing sandals all day.

The 5-gallon reserve bucket in our bathroom

We now return to our irregularly scheduled power cuts.

This little memo may help you understand why when I woke up at 3am and found the water just starting to trickle on, I decided to don my headlamp and head to the kitchen.

For about an hour I washed dishes, cleaned up from lunch and dinner, soaked veggies/fruits for today, refilled the water filter and refilled our reserve buckets. By that time the water pressure was back to normal and the hot water heater was working its magic. So I took a wonderfully hot shower at 4am before going back to bed for a couple hours.