Me: Hey, wake up. The water’s back on. And the power’s on…

Cheikh: Hmmm…nummm…

Me: You asked me to wake you up if both water and power are on so you can run some laundry. They are both on. Wake up.

Cheikh: Hmmm… Okay, I’m going.

Due to the recent worsening of both power (averaging only 4 hours on out of every 24 hours) and water (on from 3am-ish to 11am-ish), we were starting to get quite the laundry back-up.

My part in the solution was playing the role of Chief Waker-Upper, since I’m the one who has a baby bouncing on my bladder these days and am up every couple of hours anyway. Cheikh’s role is to be the Chief Upper-Downer, that is the one who goes up/down two flights of stairs to the laundry room to keep the laundry flow going and also unplug the machines whenever the power cuts – just in case the power surges when it comes back on.

A very happy me after successfully getting dinner baked (which requires electricity), despite the crazy power cuts.

In case you’re wondering, Aminata is toughing out the cuts like a champ. The other morning she came downstairs in the morning with a big smile on her face and announced, “I’ve been able to take a shower two days in a row!” Atta’ girl.

In related news, I was so happy to read this little blurb from Le Soleil (Senegalese newspaper) that I felt a couple tears well up:

Electricity supply to “return to normal” today

A spokesman for the national electricity company Sénélec has said that the extended power cuts of the past week, which have been primarily due to a lack of fuel, will end this weekend. The government has signed an agreement with a supplier for nearly 4,000 tons of fuel to power generators which supply electricity to Sénélec. Some of the generators which have also been offline for maintenance will be put back in service.
Le Soleil, May 20, 2011 Pg. 8

I never thought I’d be so happy to hear that we should be getting back on the ol’ 4hrs on/4hrs off cycle. Can it really be? Dare I hope?

Don’t you worry. I’ll keep you posted.