Don’t believe the results if you Google ‘temperature in Dakar’. It is definitely above 80°. Definitely.

Fortunately, I had already scouted out the cooler parts of the house, knowing that hot season is coming. Today is the first time I’ve had to put my plans into action though. It. is. toasty.

My new workspace

Which is why, today, I’ve set up my workspace in our walk-in closet. It doesn’t have any windows for the sun to come beating in either morning or afternoon. There is a strong enough wi-fi signal. Cheikh cleared off a little shelf space for me. And most importantly…

My BFF (best fan forever)

… there’s an outlet for plugging in my BFF. So I can sit in the baby glider with the fan pointed right at me and work the hours away – all from the comfort of my closet.

Am I spoiled or what?

Cheikh putting together the glider last weekend

PS – We read an article recently that said the Senegalese electric company (aka Darkness Inc) will be out of fuel by this weekend. So that could be interesting…