As I type this, we’re in the middle (beginning? end?) of a seven-hour power cut. But I don’t mind. Today, a power cut is just not that big of a deal to me because some pretty good things have happened recently.

Running water!

We’ve had running water for all but a couple hours since Friday night!

Skyping with my parents

I got to talk to my parents yesterday!

In a related note, Cheikh got mosquito nets up in the bedrooms so we can now sleep with a fan all night (thanks to the battery back-up) and without any buzzing bugs.

Excellent movie

Last night we watched Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis with Aminata. It’s wonderful. If you’ve ever lived in France (or even visited, or thought about visiting), you really should see this movie.

Reading for 'fun'

Cheikh had a call from a patient’s husband this afternoon. He said that his wife’s labor/delivery went significantly better with this last baby and they think it’s because of the osteopathic treatment Cheikh did. Very cool. (And very thoughtful of them to let him know!)

It’s good to see that the years of studies, training anf hard work (and all that reading for ‘fun’ he still does) are paying off.

32 weeks!

Bébé is now 32 weeks and weighs almost 4lbs. We had the last ultrasound this morning and everything looks good. I would post the ultrasound mug shot, but the baby seems to be as stubborn as his dad so wouldn’t turn his head to cooperate. A glimpse of things to come…


And the last reason I’m not too worked up over this seven-hour power cut is that we had power for almost 36 hours straight this weekend! I’d hate to think I was getting pampered and soft. 😉