The restaurant and lounge area

I was a little hesitant when telling Aminata we were ‘going to the beach’ for a couple days. For most of us, ‘going to beach’ means you play in the waves and sunbathe on the sand. But in this particular context, it means you wear modest clothes as you look at the water while fending off vendors and marriage proposals. (She’s now up to four, including one very persistant fruit vendor by our house.)

Our little room

I also wasn’t sure what to tell Aminata about where we’d be staying. The word ‘resort’ implies accomodations a little different than a small cement-block room, equipped with a foam mattress bed, mosquito net and fan. Oh, and BYO filtered water for brushing your teeth.

Breakfast: bread from the buutik, jam, cheese and mango

But here we are! At a ‘beach resort’ for a couple days in St Louis. Cheikh is meeting with the hospital administrator (introduced via a mutual friend from when he lived up here) and Aminata and I are making the most of the pool.

The pool

And by ‘pool’, fortunately I really mean ‘pool’. 🙂

Cheikh reading...not as big of a pool fan as we are!