Coverage from the New York Times

You may or may not have seen it reported on your local news station, but there were riots across Senegal yesterday in response to the president’s proposed electoral law change. Basically, had it passed, it would have meant that the current president could be elected for a third terms and then been able to pass power on to his son – not a very popular guy in Senegal.

Coverage from the BBC

We kept an eye on the news throughout the day and watched the events unfold, which ended with the president withdrawing the proposal (good news!).

Most of the riots were downtown, although there was one house in our neighborhood (belonging to an unpopular politician) that was burned and vandalized.

Coverage from VOA

Once the announcement was made, things seemed to calm down pretty quickly – for which we are very thankful. Le Monde is reporting that ‘calm has returned to Dakar’ today and the US Embassy has also reopened, so the storm seems to have passed.

Just wanted to keep you updated.

Coverage in Le Monde
Coverage from Reuters
More from Le Monde, reporting that things have calmed down.