Although the titles may lead you to think the topics are connected, this post has nothing to do with the previous one (The storm has passed).

Last night was hot. Hot and still. At 3am, we were both wide awake trying to decide whether to tough it out and stay in bed or get up and do something. I opted for taking another shower (the upside to having water at night!) to cool off then trying to get some sleep.

When I woke up this morning, it was hot and still…still. Yuck.

About an hour later, Jonathan said he thought rain clouds were blowing in. Keep in mind that we haven’t seen rain since arriving in January, so this was a BIG deal. Everything is so dry and dusty here…even us at times 🙂

Sandstorm - it blew in SO quickly!

By the time I’d gone upstairs to get my camera, a HUGE sandstorm had blown in! We couldn’t even see the plant nursery across the street. Cars were pulling off the road and people running for shelter. It was just a huge cloud of brown.

As quickly as it blew in, it blew out – beaten down and chased away by an army of teeny tiny little raindrops that looked like mud-drops. The drops got bigger and clearer until it was just…raining.


The first rains of the year. It was beautiful. Amazing. Incredible. Five minutes of beautiful, amazing, incredible.

Our house is cool and breezy, and it smells like rain.

After the rain chased away the dust

“The desert will rejoice, and flowers will bloom in the wastelands.” Isaiah 35:1