Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in joining the commune. Our membership requirements are simple and the benefits are tremendous.

To pool our resources to better cope with the ridiculous power and water cuts. This will allow us to live in harmony and sleep peacefully at night.

Membership requirements:

Must live in Dakar or be willing to relocate here from elsewhere in Senegal.

Each family joining the commune must bring at least one of the following items to be shared among members:

  • generator
  • inverter battery back-up system
  • solar power kit
  • water reservoir + pump
  • portable air conditioner unit

We will also consider the following items on a per case basis:

  • rechargeable lights and/or fans
  • kiddie pool
  • gas bottles
  • swamp cooler
  • fuel for generators
  • quiet children trained to fan adults with palm branches

Bribes we accept from applicants:

  • coolers filled with ice
  • ice cream
  • anything with the word ‘ice’

Benefits of membership:

Please submit your application in the comments section below. We look forward to welcoming you to the commune.

Jamm ak courant,*

– Khady & Cheikh

* Peace and electricity