Things I will do once I’m no longer pregnant…

  • Get out of a chair without saying ‘ugh’.
  • Wear something with buttons or a zipper.
  • Sleep.

I know. All you moms (and dads) are laughing at my naivety this one. I’ve been told that sleep disappears from your vocabulary once the wee one makes its wailing debut. But right now, all I can think about is that if I had ten minutes and could lay down without having to spend eight of them arranging pillows and trying to find a comfortable position… Zzzz….

  • Lay on my stomach.

This one is pretty closely related to the previous item. I’ve always been a stomach-sleeper and cannot wait to be one again. But being able to lay on my stomach would also mean I can start working on fixing the goofy ‘I can’t roll over in this beach chair’ tan I’ve got going.

  • Paint my toes without requiring the use of multiple yoga poses.
  • Walk like a human (not a penguin).
  • Make use of the other 75% of my shoes.

I’m beginning to understand why people looked at me funny when I told them I was staying in Senegal to have the baby. It’s not just the delivery… it’s dealing with daily life as a pregnant woman! My feet and ankles are so swollen from the heat – as in I can’t wear most of my shoes. Good thing flip-flops are versatile!


And on the flip-side… Parents, what are some things I should be enjoying now before bébé arrives?