I got an email this week from my friend Peggy with the subject ‘Babies, babies everywhere‘. I think she hit the nail on the head with that one! Bébé Masson is due August 1st and when he arrives (early, please!), he will already have quite a crew of little friends and cousins around his age.

Three more weeks!

Babies Caroline, Stella, Ruth, Benjamin, Mary Wallace, Ellison, Rex, Sam, Brenan, Elijah and Seraiah have been born to friends of ours recently – and eleven of my friends are currently expecting little ones. (Yes – eleven.) Amazing, isn’t it?

As much as I look forward to introducing Bébé Masson to all his little peeps, there’s one recent arrival that has stolen my heart. Meet Jazmine Eliza…


This is our niece – my brother’s daughter. Chris and Kate named her Jazmine “because we like it” and Eliza (a derivative of Elizabeth, which means God’s promise) after me – my middle name, to be precise. (I know. How many Khady Elizabeths do you think there are out there? ;))

Jazzie, as we all seem to be calling her, is the one who turned my parents into grandparents. So in addition to deciding on baby names, we’re deciding on grandparent names. My mom’s nickname is Mimi, so that works well. However, my dad seems to think the grandbabies can just call him by his first name and that will be just fine. So they’ll be ‘Mimi and Glenn’.

(But he is open to suggestions, so feel free to chime in below!)