The view from where I sit

It happened. I had the I-am-so-tired-of-being-pregnant-in-Africa meltdown this week. When I talked with my parents on Skype yesterday, my dad assured me that most women probably have a similar breakdown at 8 1/2 months pregnant, no matter where they live.

The continuously running fan

I’ve been feeling better the last couple of days – probably a combination of:

  • Maternity leave‘ kicking in, so much less work and stress.
  • Giving myself permission to just get comfortable and rest. I’ve got a bucket of water and frozen ice packs for soaking my feet, a freezer full of mango popsicles and have perfected my mint iced tea recipe.
  • Doctor’s orders to walk an hour per day (a.k.a. the Daily Waddle) keeps me from being too sedentary. Although one particularly hot day I did decide that rather than walking the neighborhood, I could just grapevine back and forth across the living room for an hour while watching a DVD.
After reading about how plastic bottles release toxins, Cheikh has started dating our bottles so we cycle them out in a timely manner. In case you were wondering, July 13th is an excellent vintage.
Mango season. We eat at least 2lbs a day. At least.
Sparrows chillin' in the window while I chill in the recliner.
Sleeping under the mosquito net. Added bonus: makes the room darker for afternoon naps.
Cheikh seems to be drinking coffee for two (maybe three!). This was moka pot n°2 at 9am.
Part of the 2011 rechargeable lamp collection. Not ready to retire yet - but we've had 30+ HOURS of uninterrupted power. By far the longest stretch since arriving 6 months ago.
Trying not to focus on just this.