1. Mail!
We got a package yesterday from my friend Amy.  I knew I was in for a treat because she’s one of those crafty people who can make anything… out of anything. Just take a look at her Etsy shop or her blog – you’ll see what I mean. Anyway… Amy sent beautiful, handmade gifts for Bébé, one of which took me a while to figure out. Here’s a hint: this woman doesn’t use one. Thank you, Amy!

2. Streeeetch…
39 weeks pregnant and I can still paint my toes! Sure, it took me about 20 minutes and I had to kind of fling the polish in the direction of my pinkie toe… but I did it!

3. Foster Clark’s orange
Remember Tang? I loved Tang. And I found out that Foster Clark’s orange drink (available in little packets from any buutik) tastes like Tang.

4. Unfollow
I guess it’s probably a hazard of the job, but after six years researching, pitching, commisioning and editing articles on current events – I’m kind of a news junkie. The headlines here are largely focusing on the opposing political parties’ protests scheduled for this weekend. Could get interesting, which is code for ‘not good’. So I decided that for the sake of my stress level, I’m not going to be following the events as they unfold on Twitter. I unfollowed my Senegalese news sources earlier today and plan to stay blissfully unaware until the protests are over.

5.Ice, ice, baby
Take one large water bottle. Fill 2/3 full. Freeze. Wrap in a pillow case. Cuddle as you sleep.

6. Make mine gianduja.
We’ve been thinking about ice cream a lot recently. And considering I’ve been pretty much housebound recliner-in-front-of-the-fan-bound recently, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant for a little dessert date. I usually get a scoop of mango sorbet, but this time I went all out: 1 scoop of chocolate, 1 scoop of vanilla, 1 scoop of gianduja (chocolate/hazelnut) with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and little langue de chat cookies.

7. Mail!
Tad and Erin sent us a package from the other side of the globe. Being as they live in Hawaii and have just had a little addition of their own, Erin knew exactly what Bébé would need for surviving at the beach. She sent the teeniest little rash guard and hat with matching bathing suit to keep him cool and comfortable in the sun. So cute!

8. Don’t worry, be happy.
All around us there have been really long power cuts. I mean like 15, 17 and even 24 hours without electricity. Combine that with the heat, and both you and everything in your fridge get icky. However, at our house we have had really good power the last couple of weeks – like the best since we arrived in January. So I am intentionally trying to shift from thinking, “Oh great – we’re next!” to “I’m thankful for what we’ve had.”

9. Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?
Also in the package from Tad and Erin, a pair of baby sunglasses. They. are. awesome. (Just ask our house-helper Elisa. She was dying laughing at all the accessories little toubab babies need to wear in the sun.)


10. Passing the talking stick.
For the record, I do have a tenth good thing. I’ll post it in the comments below. But I’m passing the talking stick over to you. What are some of your good things?