I guess the title of this post gives away the punchline, eh? Well, we spent yesterday at the hospital and after about four hours of monitoring and waiting, the contractions slowed and they let me come home to do more waiting and waddling. So here we are!

When we got back to the house, I was motivated to wrap up some of the things on the list for getting ready for bébé’s arrival. But before you look at the pictures, I need to tell you about Senegalese baby dolls.

You’ll often see little girls with toubab baby dolls tied on to their backs. Sometimes it’s just a baby doll’s head (often resembling the bride of Chucky) stuck on a plastic water bottle. And then other times… it’s just an empty water bottle tied on to their back. It’s kind of Laura Ingalls-esque, I think.

Anyway… with that in mind, here are some of the things we’ve got ready and waiting for bébé.

Diaper station, complete with homemade flannel wipes
Toubab baby carrier
Senegalese baby carrier
Shh... napping in the Pack 'N Play
Bouncy seat
Chillin in the Djibi sling

It was disappointing for it to be a false alarm, but I have to say that spending the day in air-conditioning with tv, internet, an ocean view and good food wasn’t half bad. As one friend who has given birth at this hospital put it, “Enjoy the day spa!”

Also on the silver lining side:

  • We got in a trial run for getting to the hospital. It’s about six miles away, but with traffic took us about 45 minutes to get there. Good to know.
  • The atmosphere at the hospital was much calmer than I’d expected. (Keep in mind that my frames of reference are ER, Grey’s Anatomy and the episode of Friends where Rachel is in labor.) The midwives were great and the paperwork was no hassle at all.
  • The restaurant on the top floor terrace has espresso. Cheikh can survive in captivity if he has his coffee.

PS – Anyone interested in ordering a Djibi sling from Malika Monkeys, stay tuned!