Just dreaming…

When we tell people Pape’s American name, people usually ask where his name comes from. Here’s how it came about…

“Oh, Mom. You’re so funny!”

Once we knew we were having a boy, I researched, read up and dug for names. After the experience I’d had in France with victims of human trafficking, I really wanted a strong name that had to do with seeking justice or protecting others. I found several along those lines, then also came up with a list of names I just liked – totaling about 50 boy names to put on the table.

Cheikh came up with three names. Three. Those of you that know his minimalist side (360°) won’t find that surprising at all.

“No, really – you’re cracking me up!”

One of the three names he proposed was ____. As much as I hated to cave when he’s only come up with a fraction of the suggestions I had – I really liked the name. And it works in both French and English. And it means ‘defender of the people’.

Voilà. We had a name for the man child.

Not sure where he gets these long fingers from

Pape’s middle name is my dad’s name and also my brother’s middle name.

Big yawn!
Just a little fussy
And back asleep…
Naps for everyone! (This lasted about 5 minutes.)
Little legs, big socks.
So sweet
Tiny feet
I love this one.