Mom (capital M) haircut

Last week I started thinking about chopping my hair off. (Again.) I browsed haircuts online and was tempted further. Then I saw that Mandi had cut hers and so had Rebecca. Both so cute. It was all I could do not to grab scissors and start hacking.

Then yesterday afternoon I had a very brief window of time while Pape was napping, so I decided to wash my hair. Right as I was working up a good lather, the water slowed to a trickle and then cut off completely.

That was the water drop that caused the bucket to overflow. I’d had enough. Time to chop.

I asked Cheikh what he thought and he said go for it – just not one of those ‘mom haircuts’ that women get after having kids. (You know the ones…)

Well, I didn’t get a ‘mom haircut’. But I did get a Mom haircut, in that my Mom cut it for me!

Mom’s hair salon. Garbage bag at no extra charge.

And this brings me around to my next point: my parents are here! They arrived Thursday and will be here for two-going-way-too-fast-weeks.

Pape and ‘Glenn’ (Grandparental name TBD.)

It’s been extra wonderful to have them here because Pape has decided that he was making the new parent thing too easy on us and has been a pretty upset little guy lately. Not that you can tell from these pictures of him – but who takes pictures of their kid all bright red and screaming? Anyway – we’re hoping to nip whatever the problem is in the bud with the medicine prescribed at our first pediatrician’s visit yesterday. Really, really hoping…

On that note… does anyone have advice on reflux in babies?

Mimi and Pape