Have you ever tried photographing the food in your freezer? It’s pretty tricky. Between not wanting to let the cold air out and not wanting my lens to fog up, it was quite a challenge.

So just take my word for it that right now in our freezer, you’ll find:

– 4 pounds cooked ground beef, divided into half-pound packages

– batch of homemade salsa

– 4 steaks, divided into packages of 2

– ziploc bag of chopped green onions

– 2 batches of homemade mint-chocolate chip ice cream

– a couple pounds of mangoes sliced and packaged in single-serving baggies

– many pounds of Trappista cheese, divided into half-pound packages

– 2 ziploc bags of chopped bell peppers

– 14 fish fillets, divided into packages of 2 servings

– 4 pounds of mozzarella cheese, divided into half-pound packages

– ziploc bag of chopped onions

– batch of mango muffins

– paprika sausage, sliced and divided into single-serving packages

In addition to holding, bouncing, burping, changing, swaddling, rocking and bathing Pape, my parents spent the last two weeks stocking our freezer with quick-prep food items that we can use for making meals after they leave. It has been wonderful having them here as we try to figure out life with Pape.


And we extra-appreciate it seeing as it’s not just everyone who would drop everything and come to a place where your son-in-law greets you in the morning by asking, “It’s up to you guys. Do you want to take showers or have laundry done? There’s probably not enough water for both.”


Thank you, merci, jëre jëf Mom and Dad. See you in three and a half months in the US!