If the designers of the Moby Wrap walked into our living room right now, I would kiss them on both cheeks. Pape is snoozing away, tightly wrapped up like a little baby burrito… if burritos were tied to your chest. The important part is that he’s asleep and I have two free hands.

4 weeks old

After my parents went back to Budapest earlier this week, Cheikh, Pape and I spent a day relaxing and getting into the groove of being a fam of three. It went really well (much, much better than our first two weeks as a fam of three) until I started coming down with something.

24 hours and a whole lot of Googling ‘cold remedies’ later, I’m resting on the couch with Pape while Cheikh is out running errands and going to meetings. (One of which has to do with us renting an apartment we really like – more on that later!)

So Pape and I have been in survival mode – sleep, eat, repeat as needed. However, since he only sleeps soundly (and more than 5 minutes) if I’m holding him*, that doesn’t leave me free to do much of anything. And by ‘anything’ I mean getting a drink, answering the door, making myself a snack, going to the bathroom…

Between meetings and errands, Cheikh has been swinging by the house to give me little breaks and restock my food and water supply on the coffee table near the couch. As he was getting ready to head out just now, he ran down the list:

“Okay, here are your two drinks, your phone, Pape’s gas drops, your lunch… Oh, do you want me to run up to our bathroom to get you some toilet paper for blowing your nose? Down here we’ve just got the cheap pink kind. The good stuff is upstairs.”

Now that, my friends, is love.

*If you don’t have kids, feel free to judge me for this. I probably would have five weeks ago before having Pape and understanding that a lot of the parenting choices you make have to be based off your child’s temperament and needs – not your preferences.