We had to call SOS Médecins to come out to the house this week. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say one of us was pretty sick and the other two were not doing so hot either. SOS Médecins does housecalls for about $65, so with it being malaria season here, we decided it was a very worthwhile investment.

Tickling my funnybone
This is our adorable niece. And this is what she prayed the other night after my sister-in-law told her Pape wasn’t feeling well.

Dear Jesus,

I pray for baby Pape that he’ll feel better, and you’ll protect him, and give him happiness. And that you’ll tickle him . . . Ha ha ha! . . . I said tickle him . . . so he’ll feel better and be happy.


After I posted this about the loving TP gesture, my friend sent over a box of Puffs kleenexes. Awesome.

Eclectic Minimalist
We signed a rental contract on an apartment today! Well, Cheikh did. I sat anxiously by the phone waiting for the text message saying it was done. Well… it was!

We take possession on October 1st. Which means that for the first time in 16 months, we’ll finally be in our own place with our own family photos on the walls, our own kitchen gadgets, our own bed and our own furnishings. I foresee us decorating in Eclectic Minimalist style for quite a while. 🙂

More on the apartment later, but here’s the view from the balcony that runs along the dining/living room and master bedroom. I’ll be focusing on this view when I get frustrated with the ugly tile floors I haven’t figured out how to cover up yet. (Ideas anyone?)

I said “SOS!”
We had to call SOS Médecins. Again. But I think we’re all headed back to health now.

Baby Jazmine

Don’t sit on Couch!

We have tickets to the US at Christmas! We’ll be able to see both families and introduce Pape to baby Jazmine and baby X, due in November.

(Our niece told us today she wants to name her new brother Jacob. Or maybe Couch.)

I’ve got the power!

Depending on who you ask, the power situation has improved. (Some of our friends gad a 40-hour cut last week. Crazy.) Ours has been wonderful and we are soooo thankful. In the past eight days, we’ve had only two cuts – about 10 minutes each. That’s way better than the ‘half day on, half day off’ cycle we were on back in May and June.

Fridays at our house have been upgraded from ‘homemade pizza night’ to ‘homemade pizza AND homemade ice cream night’. Now accepting recipes for your favorite ice creams! Tonight’s flava’ was mint chocolate chip.

Enter the Dragon
What’s worse than watching a Bruce Lee film on pizza and ice cream night? Watching a documentary on the life of Bruce Lee. Silver lining: I can update the blog while Cheikh holds Pape and they watch their boy movie.