As I type this, it’s 95° out, our water has been cut for 48 hours and we’ve had six seven power cuts today. So I’d rather focus on happier times…

The newest playgroup member

Once a week a group of English-speaking moms in the area get together with their kids for playgroup. Pape and I were invited to join last week – a big event on his little social calendar.

This particular week there were six moms, eight children and five countries represented in the group!

Fatou and Pape
De Sheng and Pape – born at the same hospital just three days apart!
Snack time
Fatou and Kenani

I’ve been trying to think of a nickname for the group, but not much rhymes with ‘Dakar’ and alliteration isn’t much help either. Try putting the ‘d’ sound at the beginning of the words ‘mom’ or ‘mommies’. Yeah. Like I said…

Just call me ‘Mr Social’