I’m pretty sure I’m not the first new mom to receive unsolicited advice. However, I may be the only one to have gotten tips in this way…

Hello, world!

Yesterday we went to the fruit and veggie drive-thru. Cheikh was shopping and I was in the truck feeding Pape, his little white legs sticking out from the covering cloth. A couple talibe boys (child beggars) were hovering at the window and I was trying to pretend they weren’t standing there watching us. (It didn’t work very well.)

I heard a loud knock on the window and instinctively turned my head. The talibes had been pushed aside by an older woman. She was wearing a long blue robe, a white shawl wrapped around her head and shoulders and a big gap-toothed smile.

I couldn’t roll down the window, so our brief conversation took place using a mixture of charades and lip-reading Wolof.

The woman pointed to Pape and smiled even bigger. “Your baby?” she asked. That’s a big yeppers, so I nodded. “Nursing?” Yes again. The talibes had wandered off by this poing, so when she gestured asking to see Pape, I pulled back the corner of the covering cloth – and was rewarded with an even bigger smile as she clapped her hands together joyfully.

The smile faded as she leaned in closer, nose nearly touching the window. Suddenly she was all business. Apparently my technique needed improvement. Standing outside the truck, she pointed at me then grabbed her own breast to show me exactly how to do it correctly. I smiled and said thank you, pulling the cloth back over Pape as I wondered how many other moms have ever met with a drive-up lactation consultant.

If you’re looking for one, I can point you in the right direction. And you buy your fruits and veggies while you’re there.

That’s it – just lay one on me…