Do not disturb.

So there I was, trying to read my favorite book. I know – you probably thought I was more of a Kindle kind of baby. But there’s just something about opening up a classic, smelling those plastic pages, feeling them squish between your fingers. I’d never give that up.

Anyway…I was just getting to the good part (the black squares were lining up across the page) when I overheard the discussion outside the car.

My dad: My last price is 15,000 cfa.
Vendor: Listen, my friend, I’ve already come down from 25,000 cfa to 20,000 cfa. And I only did that because we’re such good friends. By the way, what’s your name?
My dad: Cheikh.
Vendor: Cheikh?! You have a Senegalese name?
My dad: I do.
Vendor: Loolu baaxna, de! That’s great. Is that your wife in the car?
My dad: Yes, that’s Khady.

Can you guys keep it down? Trying to get my read on here...

Vendor: She’s your first wife?
My dad: First and only.
Vendor: You need another. They’ll be happy together and you’ll be happier. Trust me.
My dad: One wife, one set of problems. Two wives, two sets of problems. Trust me.
Vendor: Wax nga dëgg. You have a point. It’s good that she has a Senegalese name.
My dad: And she speaks Wolof.
Vendor: You guys are practically Senegalese. Does your wife wear belly beads?
My dad: She does.
Vendor: She does? Really?
My dad: Yes, don’t you see the baby? That’s proof, isn’t it?
Vendor: Yes, yes! A boy?
My dad: Yes.
Vendor: Jambaar nga! Very good work, Cheikh. Okay, now let’s get back to this thing you want to buy.
My dad: I told you, 15,000 cfa. Let’s go talk more…

Yaaawn... Good book. Time for a nap.